Remington Model 700 Target Tactical

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Just when I though tactical bolt actions were going out of fashion and being replaced with autoloaders everyone seems to have launched a new model or line. Savege, Kimber, Ruger and now Remington with their Model 700 Target Tactical.

Model 700 Target Tactical. Click to expand.

The rifle is available chambered in .308 Win. and features:

* Triangular barrel
* X-Mark Pro Adjustable trigger (adjustable from 3-5 lbs).
* Tactical style bolt handle.
* 26″ barrel utilizing 5-R tactical target rifling as using on the M24 sniper rifles.
* Bell and Carlson Medalist Varmint/Tactical composite stock (notably not H-S Precision)

Action: Bolt/Short
Barrel Length: 26 inches
Overall Length: 45 3/4 inches
Avg. Weight: 11 3/4 lbs
Stock Material: Composite – Aramid Fiber
Stock Finish: OD Green/Black Webbed
Barrel Finish: Matte Blue

The MSRP is $1972.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Bulldog76 Bulldog76 on Oct 24, 2014

    I Bought a Remington .308 Target Tactical, why not my past Remington's are great!
    The rifle was a recall return on the X Mark Pro trigger. The trigger was all over the map, 4lbs to 9lbs. The trigger had to go, 275.00 later I added a Jewell and it works perfect. First problem solved. Second problem after going through 155gr to 180gr match ammo I finally got two rounds of Sako 180gr Hammerhead touching at 200 yards. Thought I struck gold. Went out to 300 yards and I had 6 to 8 inch spread. On a previous trip using Federal 168gr match I had a 12 inch spread. I have a Savage out of the box with a good stock same ammo 1 inch group at 300 yards. That's with the same scope. I took the gun to a local gunsmith to have it glass bedded. Now I'm in for 375.00 Not to include the money I paid for the rifle. And why would I send it back to Remington, this is the way they sent the rifle out. Would I expect Remington to do any better! I hope after getting the rifle bedded I can salvage this purchase. Not a good investment. At this point big mistake. Shame on Remington! The X Mark Pro trigger should go away! And the VTR barrel what a disappointment.

  • Bulldog76 Bulldog76 on Oct 24, 2014

    If someone knows how to make the Remington Target Tactical .308 work, please let me know.