Ruger *TACTICAL* Mini-14: About time!!!

    TD discovered this photo on the Ruger website:

     Firearms Images Products 446L

    WOW! I can barley believe my eyes. Ruger has finally gone tactical! The tactical mini-14 appears to feature:

    * Folding and collapsible stock
    * Ergonomic pistol grip
    * 20 round magazine
    * Quad rails
    * Polymer stock

    Well done Ruger!

    I wonder if a Tactical Mini-30 is on its way.

    Ruger will probably take this photo offline as they have been hyping this announcement. So here is a screenshot showing the photo in my web browser:

    Picture 4-22

    UPDATE: The stocks looks *very* similar to the ATI Strikeforce stock. Mini-30 Stock sold at Midway:


    Hat Tip to wetidlerjr for the info.

    UPDATE: I noticed that the files creation date is 9 January 2009.

    Picture 6-19

    UPDATE: It has been officially released.

    Steve Johnson

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