Twinbow II crossbow

    The Twinbow II is an interesting, and beautifully designed, crossbow made by Swiss Crossbow.

     Photos Crossbow Xl Armbrust-Twinbow Ii-1230
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    It can be cocked in three seconds and fire a bolt at a speed of 370 feet/sec [ I know nothing about crossbows so I am not sure how revolutionary a 3 second cocking action is].

    This video demostrates how it works the action works.

    Brenzovich are importing the Twinbow but I am not sure who is actually selling it in the US. Arrow In Apple are selling it in Europe for 1449 Euros.

    Picture 20-2

    UPDATE: James has written an interesting post on how this crossbow compares to regular crossbows. It is worth reading.

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