ATF running out of paper

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Ed reports that the ATF are running out of Form 4473 (NCIS background check) due to demand. Heh.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Heath Heath on Jan 09, 2009

    That is truly priceless. I guess Obama is good for the economy!!

  • Arceygilly Arceygilly on Jan 09, 2009

    There must also be a limitation on the number of 7CR/5310.16s that ATF will distribute at anyone time, as, well.

    I recently order a multiplicity (10s of forms) of 7CR/5310.16 (Application for License Collector) and only received qty: 2 (two) back, with an explanation in the Special Notes section from the ATF Distribution Center, as follows:


    I saw a recent blog posting saying that ATF was backorder on these forms and people were receiving backorder responses. Does any one know if this reflects any recent change...