New Winchester Dual Bond Bullet and Slug

    Winchester is offering a new type of bullet that Winchester describes as a “bullet within a bullet”. The bullet has two jackets, one within the other. When the the bullet mushrooms it creates a devastating shape with 12 “petals”. The outer petals from the outer jackets expand further out that the petals / segments would normally protrude. The photo illustrates this well.


    What is also very interesting is that Winchester are releasing this bullet as both a big bore handgun bullet and a slug. These cartridges will initially be available:

    454 Casull 260 gr
    460 S&W 260 gr
    500 S&W 37 gr

    12 ga. 375 gr
    20 ga. 260 gr

    The “symbol” for the Dual Bond bullet is DJHP (duel jacketed hollow point).

    A very interesting design. I see no reason for not offering this in a defensive caliber other than that it is possible the two jackets may not be able to expand from relatively low powered cartridges.

    White Tail Woods has a brief review

    Harling only had a precious handful of the new shells, which I’m sure he had to wrestle away from an engineer at Winchester headquarters. So I got on the paper using Winchester RackMaster slugs, then switched over to our small supply of Dual Bond shells. I put three shots into a 2-inch group at 100 yards, which is outstanding accuracy for any combination of shotgun barrel and slug. The impact difference between the two types of slugs was negligible, so I was ready to hunt.

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    Photo from Whitetail Woods

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