T-4 Bullpup: PCP air gun

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

I came across a Russian firm called DAC / Demyan who manufacture a bullpup conversion of their T-4 Carbine PCP bolt action rotary magazine repeating air gun.

T-4 Bullpup

T-4 Carbine

The conversion to a bullpup configuration is straight forward. Initially I was confused by what appears to be a double set trigger but after looking at the below diagram is seems to be a simple safety that prevents the trigger from moving.

If you have ever wondered how bullpup rifles work then take a look at this cutout. I have annotated the diagram so that it is comprehensible by those with less technical knowledge of firearms. The parts needed to move the trigger forward, the trigger linkage, are plain to see.

Click to expand (warning: it is a big file)

Another interesting feature of this rifle is the built in suppressor. This probably prevents it from being imported into the US and any another other country that regulates suppressors. The Gamo Whisper, which also includes a built in suppressor, is apparently legal because its’ suppressor is made from plastic and would be blown up by the gas from even a .22 LR cartridge.

The T-4 is available in .177, .22 and .25.


Weight: 2.8 kg : 6.1 lbs
Length: 680 mm / 26.7″
Barrel length: 420 mm / 16.5″
Trigger pull: 1.5 kg / 4.4 lbs
Magazine Capacity: 8 pellets
Operating pressure: 30 MPa (300 bar)
Verification pressure: 45 MPa (450 bar)

Price (Carbine, bullpup price not listed): 40000 Rubles (currently US$ 1371.88).

The stock seems to have been through a variety of evolutions. These are other photos I found:

I prefer the P90 inspired stock, although the pistol grip looks a bit square.

A cursory google search did not reveal a US distributer. Demyan is going to be at SHOT Show 2009 so either they do have distributor lined up or are looking for one. The SHOT Show description of the company:

Original research and manufacture of sportguns. Our company produces high-quality air rifles for Fild Target, BenchRest, as well as compact powerful air rifles for hunting by caliber 4.5, 5.5, 6.35.

10, 2nd Donskoy Lane
Moscow, 119071
Russian Federation
Business Phone: 011 74959847629
Business Fax: 011 74959847629

Booth : 2080

If you are going to SHOT and come across their booth I would be interested to know who their distributer is, if they have one, if the T-4 carbine is going to be exported to the US, and if so its’ price.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Tc Tc on Mar 28, 2013

    Can't wait until the Chinese start making them at a more affordable price.

  • Usafvietnam Usafvietnam on Nov 06, 2013

    A takeoff from the Evanix Bullpup. Average in appearance and unfamiliar with it's performance. Needs to come in 9mm and a far better price range. High prices are always a sticking point when it comes to sales for a medium performer.