224,000 Rounds in 12 days

    James Yeager wrote a fascinating article for SWAT Magazine and has cross posted it on the The Survival Podcast Forum.

    So what happens to a bunch of ARs, AKs and various pistols when you subject them to 12 very intense days and nearly a quarter million rounds of ammunition? Everything! In a recent 12-day span we have 22 students in a Fighting Rifle course, a High Risk Civilian Contractor Shooting Package and a High Risk Civilian Contractor Medical Package. I decided to document the things that went wrong as we pushed men and machines through 12 very harsh days of training. This was no make-believe “Torture Test” it was actual sweat and ammunition combined to make “Training Torture”. If these classes aren’t the toughest in the world they are close.

    I highly recommend reading it. Some of the malfunctions they had are bizarre. In one such malfunction an empty 7.62x39mm (or possibly 5.45mm) case got stuck *behind* the bolt of an AK!

    Also make sure you read forum replies by James. I was interested to see that he offers all his classes to civilians:

    I will NEVER teach a class that isn’t open to civilians. NEVER. I am a Life NRA member and a proud supporter of the 2nd Ammendment.

    Read the article here.

    A big thanks to Jay for emailing me the link.

    Steve Johnson

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