MAG-K-001: Unqiue Magpul AK build

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Travis of Magpul put together a very cool AK/Saiga. Click to expand the photos:

Two charging handles. Handles from Bushmaster ACR/Masada

-It is a Saiga cut to 12″ and threaded 1/2 28 right in front of the Russian threads and SBRed with a AAC M42000

The charging system is something I came up with about 2 years ago before all the other ones you see out there. As you can see from the left side the dust cover is not as open. Yes those are ACR charging handles that I cut and welded on to the carrier.
They do reciprocate which it seems some people have a problem with… why I haven’t a clue… its an AK?!

-Extended custom trigger finger Mag release and Safety

-Ace MIAD grip adapter

-CTR with cheek riser.

-Ultimak scout and lower rail (I welded the locking tabs in for a tighter fit.)

-Aimpoint T-1

-I drilled and tapped the Pig nose adaptor for a sling stud for the MS2 Sling.

-As for the Ranger plates I just took PMAG plates and mashed them on and modified the tab to fit. they will stay on even you don’t mod the tab.

Since this is a one of a kind AK we have deemed it the MAG-K

Very nice. Travis made this clear it is a once off project not a production rifle.

From via. Kaiservontexas’ Musings

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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