New pump shotgun from Remington: Model 887 NitroMag

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

I did not expect this. Remington will be selling a new pump-action shotgun next year (2009) called the Model 887 NitroMag. The design is not based on the popular 870 and will not replace it.

I am guessing by the name “Nitro Mag” that it will chamber 3 1/2″ 12 gauge shells. According to Adam the barrel and other parts are coated in a polymer to prevent rust. Air guns barrels are often coated with plastic, although I think this is also done to add strength to the thin air gun barrels..

It looks like it will compete head-to-head with the Mossberg 835 Ulti-Mag which was designed specifically for firing 3 1/2″ magnum shells.

Adam Heggenstaller has more info and photos on his new blog.


Two models will be available. The 887 Nitro Mag Synthetic and the 887 Nitro Mag Waterfowl

Remington redefines pump shotgun technology with the 12 gauge Model 887 Nitro Mag. The most durable and reliable shotgun ever built; it has minimal external surfaces to rust. Our exclusive ArmorLokt™ construction process seals the receiver and barrel in a vault of weather-impervious polymer material. Its overmolded surface is built to withstand abrasion and hard-core hunting abuse whether that’s barbed wire, gnarly thorns or the bottom of a Jon boat. And when it’s time for action, our revolutionary new SuperCell™ Recoil Pad so effectively reduces rearward force that it makes a magnum 12 gauge feel like a light field load. The Model 887 Nitro Mag is our softest-shooting pump gun ever. That means enhanced confidence on the first shot and smoother, faster follow-ups.

Because the Model 887 Nitro Mag’s design is inspired by the strength and dependability of our Model 870, you can count on it to cycle flawlessly and stand up to abuse like no other. Similar to the Model 870, its receiver is manufactured from solid steel and the barrel is hammer-forged. Our ArmorLokt process packages it all under a weather-impermeable outer shell. Twin steel action bars ensure smooth, positive chambering and ejection for the long haul. And the sleek receiver design, awesome balance and natural pointing characteristics spell trouble for any bird within reach of its 12-gauge 3 ½-inch Super Magnum capability. The extremely rugged synthetic stock and fore-end are ergonomically contoured to offer a positive grip and comfortable handling while the built-in swivel studs insure a solid attachment for adding slings.

Model 887 Nitro Mag
Model887 Nitro Mag Synthetic887 Nitro Mag Waterfowl
Gauge (2 ¾ , 3,
and 3 ½-inch)
Gauge (2 ¾ , 3,
and 3 ½-inch)
Mag. Capacity44
BBL Length28 inches28 inches
Barrel TypeSolid Rib
Rem Choke (Modified)
Solid Rib
Rem Choke (Waterfowl)
SightsHiViz HiViz
Receiver FinishArmorLokt ArmorLokt
Overall Length48 ½ inches48 ½ inches
Length of Pull14 inches14 inches
Stock MaterialSyntheticSynthetic
Stock FinishMatte BlackAdvantage MAX-4 HD
Avg. Weight7 3/8
7 1/2

Hat Tip: Ed @ Tell me Why?

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • I bought this gun in October 2012 for turkey hunting. I've owned an 870 for about 20 years now and killed about everything that flies and is edible. This 887 is junk!! Period!!! How does a brand new gun shoot a foot low at 25 yards using a $75 Truglo adjustable choke and $5 per shell hevi shot loads??? Anyone that says it shoots straight hasn't patterned it or just got real lucky. I did kill a turkey with it, at 30 yards, but I aimed about 6" high and bludgeoned the breast. One shot in the head, multiple in the legs, and blasted the chest. What a huge waste of $500. If any of you guys that love this gun want a near perfect condition gun for $400, it's all yours.

  • DJ DJ on Jul 23, 2014

    Bought an 887 3 weeks ago it had issues right away at the range wouldn't eject spent shells without really hammering the slide then had a few mis fires. Took it home and stripped cleaned and lubed and tried again the next weekend seems to work better the mis fire was operator error it needs to be slammed shut I had 1 shell stick in the barrel but it came out with less effort. This is shooting trap feeding 1 she'll at a time I'm hoping it breaks in and has less trouble because I hit the clay with it and it fits me.