New Winchester Xpediter .22 LR Hyper Velocity

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Winchester announced their second .22 LR “Hyper Velocity” round. The Xpediter round has similar performance to the new non-toxic Winchester SUPER-X .22 Long Rifle. It pushes a 32 grain lead hollow point bullet at 1,640 fps.

The original Xpediter

I am not sure if this round is identical to the original that used to be produced by Winchester many years ago.
[No doubt its a shrewd marketing plan of Winchester to dole out individual press releases over a period of time instead of announcing everything at once … ]

Hat Tip: Shooting Wire

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Renee Renee on Oct 12, 2012

    The original Expediter was a 29grain bullet, Copper Hollow point. It came in the silver box as above.
    i believe it was made for only a short time. It may have been too hot. The velocity was around 1700-1800. I'm not sure how fast. I believe at the tine it may have been faster than the CCI Stinger, which in 1984 was advertized as the fastest 22L.r. cartridge available. I have a brick of C.C.I Stingers & the receipt for them in July 1984. They were $1.50 per box.
    I also have a Brick & a couple of boxes of the Winchester Expediter.
    Hope this may help.

  • PawneeBill47 PawneeBill47 on Oct 13, 2013

    People say it was too hot, if you had a good quality firearm it was not. I still have two bricks of the old/original stuff. I bought 4 when they stopped production. They are marked "Sale $8.88"