New Lead free ammunition from Fiocchi

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Lead free ammunition is becoming popular. Or at least popular with manufactures.

Earlier this week Fiocchi announced the addition of .40 S&W to their range of SinterFire non-toxic (lead free) frangible. The product is aimed at the training market, especially law enforcement.

From the press release:

Fiocchi’s innovative .40 caliber SinterFire non-toxic round is also the fastest in the manufacturer’s entire .40 caliber product line. Comprehensive ballistic testing has revealed that when fired from a 5-inch test barrel, Fiocchi’s hot, new round produces a sizzling 1,265 fps muzzle velocity due to its lightweight 125-grain bullet. With more than 130-year reputation resting on each round, Fiocchi strives to achieve ammunition perfection with every round it produces.

Hat Tip: Tactical Life

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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