Sauer 202 with .22 LR Conversion Kit

    “tooms” posted these photos on the Shooters’ Forum. His modular Sauer 202 take down rifle has a 6.5x55mm and .308 Win. configuration as well as a .22 LR conversion kit. The .22 conversion kit cost the equivalent of US$1000.

    I would assume tooms changes scopes when he switches from the 6.5x55mm or .308 Win. configuration to the .22 LR system. His scope, a Zeiss Victories, costs the equivalent of US$3000. Makes the .22 kit seem a lot less expensive in comparison!

    Click to expand the photos:

     Albums Ii114 Tooms Album Tho 7018

     Albums Ii114 Tooms Album Tho 7070
    Look at that wood!

     Albums Ii114 Tooms Album Tho 7023

    More photos at Shooters’ Forum. Accurate Shooter discusses the rifle.

    Hat Tip: Accurate Shooter

    Steve Johnson

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