List of possible M4 replacements

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

MilitaryTimes has listed the contenders for the M4 replacement. They are:

AR-15 Platform (Direct Gas Impingement):

* Colt ACC Monolithic
* Troy Industries M7A1 (can use either DI or piston system)
* Sabre Defense Industries M5
* S&W MP-4
* Precision Reflex PRI (Upper receiver only. Attaches to M4 lower).

AR-15 Platform (Piston):

* LWRC International M6A4 IAR
* H&K 416
* Knight’s Armament SR-15
* Superior Arms S-15
* Barrett REC7 PDW
* Patriot Ordnance P416

Not based on the AR platform:

* Bushmaster/Magpul ACR
* Sig Sauer 556 Classic
* Robinson Armament XCR

Sig 556 Classic

I am not sure if this list is complete. The Beretta ARX-160 Carbine is conspicuously missing.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Austin h Austin h on Feb 27, 2012

    three letters: ACR
    its a reliable and light weight assult rifle that can change to different barrel lenghts and can change calibers; which takes around 2 mins. you can also choose different stocks; one is simaler to the one on the scar; which is my second vote for m4 replacements. the 416 (third vote) has prooven its self for sure but it doesent have the quick change barrel systen that can change your gun from a carbine to basicly an SSR (shortrange sniper rifle) in about 2 mins. the only problem with the ACR is that it still has some problems. (for example, if you put the mag in too quick, it falls right back out when you fire it) still, i think it would prove its self on the battlefieild.

  • Sam Suggs Sam Suggs on Feb 07, 2013

    scar 17 fuck yeah