List of possible M4 replacements

    MilitaryTimes has listed the contenders for the M4 replacement. They are:

    AR-15 Platform (Direct Gas Impingement):

    * Colt ACC Monolithic
    * Troy Industries M7A1 (can use either DI or piston system)
    * Sabre Defense Industries M5
    * S&W MP-4
    * Precision Reflex PRI (Upper receiver only. Attaches to M4 lower).

    AR-15 Platform (Piston):

    * LWRC International M6A4 IAR
    * H&K 416
    * Knight’s Armament SR-15
    * Superior Arms S-15
    * Barrett REC7 PDW
    * Patriot Ordnance P416

    Not based on the AR platform:

    * Bushmaster/Magpul ACR
    * Sig Sauer 556 Classic
    * Robinson Armament XCR
    * FN SCAR

    Sig 556 Classic

    I am not sure if this list is complete. The Beretta ARX-160 Carbine is conspicuously missing.

    Steve Johnson

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