New Charter Arms Rimless Revolver (CARR)

    Charter Arms have issued a press release heralding their “revolutionary new rimless revolver” the Charter Arms Rimless Revolver (CARR), that will go on sale Q1 2009.


    Problem: The major drawback to rimless semi-auto cartridges in revolvers is they require specially made revolvers. These low-production, somewhat scarce and, highly-specialized revolvers are limited to sometimes fragile and expensive moon/half moon ammunition clips. Generally, only revolver aficionados and collectors bother with (.45ACP and 9mm Parabellum) rimless revolvers. While they may sometimes be fired without the specialized moon clips, generally the ejector rod will not eject the free-floating fired cases (got a pencil?).

    Solution: Charter Arms has come up with an affordable revolver that chambers rimless semi-auto rounds in the same manner as a standard rimmed-cartridge revolver.

    The first caliber on offer will be .40 S&W which will be followed by .45 ACP 3-4 months later and 9mm Parabellum (that will also be able to chamber .380 ACP) 3-4 months after that. All will be able to handle +P ammunition.

    Initially only snubnosed models will be produced (2″ barrel for 9mm and 2.2″ barrel for .40 and .45ACP).

    The MSRPs are:
    9mm: $399
    .40 S&W: $449
    .45 ACP: $449

    Although revolvers that fire rimless cartridges are not new, I am sure these will sell well. I think quite a few auto pistol owners but may balk at the thought of having to stock up on revolver caliber ammunition, but would be tempted by a revolver that chambers their favorite pistol cartridge.

    Hat Tip: Ammoland

    Steve Johnson

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