New 416 Ruger

    Ruger and Hornady have teamed up to produce the new .416 Ruger cartridge which will be available next year (2009).

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    The round is basically a necked up .375 Ruger and offers performance comparable to the classic .416 Rigby in a standard length cartridge. The Ruger M77 Hawkeye bolt action will be available chambered in this cartridge.

    Hornady claim on their website that the 416 Ruger offers the same performance in the compact 20″ barreled Ruger M77 Hawkeye Alaskan as the .416 Rugby in a full length rifle.

    416 Ruger cartridge delivers the same performance as the fabled 416 Rigby, but does it in a shorter 20″ barreled Ruger Hawkeye rifle that is extremely compact and easy to carry.

    I am skeptical about this claim. It will be interesting to see what results firearm magazine writers get when they test the ammunition.

    Ruger M77® Hawkeye® Bolt Action Rifle (Hkm77Rsphhm) Overview
    Ruger M77 Hawkeye Alaskan (20″ Barrel)

    Ballistic infomation:

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    Product Video (there are a couple of video snippets at the start of charging elephants being shot. Really crazy stuff!):

    The .375 Ruger has proved to be popular and I think so could the .416 Ruger. The standard length action is a compelling reason to choose this cartridge over the .416 Rigby and .416 Rem. Mag.

    More info at Hornady.

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