How not to shoot a Humvee

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

An insurgent in Iraq attempts to destroy a Humvee with an RPG.

This video is the insurgent equivalent of the famously stupid “Girl Shoots Herself in the face” video (youtube has taken it offline).

Hat Tip: Charlie @ Ammo, Guns and War

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Pete Pete on Jan 03, 2009

    Actually that flying stuff is parts of the wall. If you stop the vid at 13sec you can see him standing there as it flies past. His body tightens up into the arms in, legs in, upright cringing position. Because an RPG is such a directional blast, it is possible that the concussion was far reduced to the shooter and that he just got sprayed with brick and mortar chunks :shrug:
    I wonder why the video stops once you see his sandal

  • Alex Alex on May 13, 2009

    Watch it frame by frame, he doesn't fly into the wall. He turns sideways and slowly walks away.
    This video should be called 'how to shoot a humvee.'