Civilian Steyr AUG available soon

    Steyr is finally releasing a civilian semi-automatic AUG (AUG SA) which should be out in January next year (2009).

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    Sabre Defense Industries will be producing the rifle.

    The newly produced AUG rifles are expected to be ready for distribution by January 2009. “We were honored to be selected by Steyr-Mannlicher, Gmbh to manufacture the AUG in our state of the art facility. In the process of making this icon of assault rifles, we have blended the proven and classic features with modern manufacturing techniques to make this what we believe to be the best AUG ever produced.”

    The design appears to be an AUG A2 with a A3 style top rail.

    Currently AUG magazines are available in 10, 30 and 42 capacity and cost either $35 or $38 depending on capacity and color. With possibly of another assault weapon ban you will probably want to budget for a lot of magazines.

    Steyr also sells a AUG SA NATO stock for $499. This allow the AUG to use AR-15/STANAG magazines. If you already own a AR this may be a cheaper option than stocking up on AUG magazines.

    UPDATE: It will cost $2995.

    Hat Tip: Ahab

    Steve Johnson

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