Good news if you like ivory grips

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

The BBC reports that South Africa has held the biggest ivory sale in 20 years:

The auction in Pretoria of more than 51 tonnes of elephant tusks was sanctioned by the UN body which oversees trade in endangered species.

The tusks sold for $142 per kilo, netting the government $6.7m (£4.2m) -less than expected.

The UN has allowed Botswana, Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe to each sell off their elephant ivory stocks this year. These were one-off sales and are not allowed to be repeated. The total ivory sold was 107.75 tonnes.

Hopefully this will have a significant impact on the price of ivory grips.

Boone Trading Company AAA Grade Colt Officers’ grips: $230

The BBC article I linked to above was not well researched. Mammoth tusks are not uncommon and sales are legal, although I expect elephant ivory is of much better quality than bones which have been sitting in permafrost for 4500+ years.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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