Ultimax 100 Mk5 / General dynamics IAR

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

I have previously discussed the Ultimax 100 Mk4. This is the latest iteration of the Ultimax 100 design and is being entered into the IAR competition by General Dynamics, although it designed by Singapore Technologies Kinetics (STK).

Photos by SMGLee. Click to expand:

Quick Change Barrel

I like the design of the ambidextrous fire selector.

Compared to the Mk4 the Mk5 takes unmodified STANAG (M16) magazine, has quad rails and a bipod/foregrip rather than a separate bipod and foregrip.

I am not sure if the Ultimax 100 Mk4 100 round drum magazine will be made compatible with the Mk5. The Mk4 took modified STANAG magazines.

Ultimax 100 Mk 4

Ultimax 100 Mk 5

UPDATE: Defense Review has more info.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Jeremy Jeremy on Jul 25, 2011

    I shot this weapon a lot during my 2 years National Service in Singapore. It is a very easy weapon to handle, extremely accurate and low recoil. I can fire this weapon with hundreds of rounds with the Bi-pod up and the weapon will not even move an inch...its that good really.

    I am proud that our small country has an impact in the military circle...For eg, the Bronco, SAR-21, Bionix and so on...

  • D'andre Bradley D'andre Bradley on Sep 06, 2012

    I think that the Mk5 should replace the saw because i feel it defeats the purpose of having a 240 gunner in a platoon. The Mk should be equipped with round drums, the 249 served as a great weapon from the 80's til now but the belt fed that replaced it is the outstanding M240 series of weapons. The MK5 Iar would be a great replacement for the M249.