Beretta ARX-160 Carbine

    The new ARX-160 Carbine is Beretta’s entry into the M4 replacement competition. Photos by SMG-Lee

    M16 magazine, folding iron sights


     Smglee Ausa Huge Dscn0830
    Folding stock


    Originally I called this rifle the NRX after misreading the logo. It is in the ARX-160. Below is a photo (from of the ARX-160 carbine (left) and the rifle version (right). Both have the new Beretta grenade launcher attached.


    A big thanks to Ed who was kind enough to let me know about my mistake after he spoke to Beretta. He and has more info on the rifle/carbine.

    Apparently the Italian Special Forces will be adopting it in 2009.

    Steve Johnson

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