New .338 Marlin Express cartridge

    Hold on the heels of the Remington .30 RAR announcement, sister company Marlin have announced the .338 Marlin Express. John Snow has the scoop:

    These bullets will use the same soft-tip technology that the other LeverEvolution cartridges employ and the result will be a round that is the rough equivalent of a .30-06.

    According to the spec sheet, the initial offering will be a 200-grain bullet, which will exit a 24-inch barrel at 2,565 fps. Sighted in 3 inches high at 100 yards, the bullet drops only 7.8 inches at 300. At the 300-yard mark, the bullet is carrying 1,760 ft-lb of energy–plenty for even elk-sized game.

    More info @ Gun Shots

    Steve Johnson

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