GSG-5PK: .22 MP5K patterened pistol (and photos)

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

ATI have announced the GSG5-PK pistol.

The new GSG-5PK pistol is a .22 Long Rifle HV Caliber with a barrel length of 4.52″, total length of 15.275″ and a total height of 10″. It weighs in at a dainty 5.2 lbs. It has an alloy frame construction and features a magazine safety and click-adjustable target sight. At a MSRP of $549.95, the GSG-5PK pistol is the perfect partner to the original GSG-5 rifle model.

It is basically a GSG5-P (pistol) with a shortened barrel and MP5K style handguard. Some photos (click to expand):

Hat Tip: SayUncle

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Adam Adam on Jan 29, 2011

    How do I put a collapsible butt stock on my GSG-5 pistol and keep it legal? Don't want to pay the $200 tax so can I lengthen the barrel?

  • Randy Schuster Randy Schuster on Aug 29, 2011

    Having any part just in the house is bad. Awhile back I had a MAC full auto and someone came out with double thread coupling that would allaw one to screw on a 2 liter soda bottles. If you got a coupler and lets say! you had 12 empty bottles just waiting to be recycle, it didn't matter the BATF would charge you with 12 felonies for 12 unlicensed silences