Kevlar handkerchief, because chest shots hurt

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Sruli Recht has designed a Kevlar handkerchief for those with more money to spend than they know what to do with.

The First Bullet-Proof Gentlemen’s Pocket Square

offered Solely in Military Grade lemon Kevlar Aramid – To protect the heart.

This ‘pocket-protector’ of the Modern Ages limits in Quantity to an Edition of 10… Numbered each from i/x through to x/x, devised and instituted personally for the Liborius Trading Boutique. Two Qualities of Bound Edge have been dispatched; Five in Raw Golden Silk and Five in Citric French Cotton.

I wonder how those who purchase this tell people about it. Do they blow their snotty nose loudly on the handkerchief to get everyones attention and then wave it around and mention the price? Who knows.

Hat Tip: Engadget

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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