AR-15/M16 Graveyard

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

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These rifles were captured from the Georgians by the Russians and destroyed. I don’t know about the rifles in the photo but I know Bushmaster was supplying Georgia.


Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Juan Juan on Feb 04, 2011

    that Vuena that are plastic scrap VARATO!! all these are plastic chinbo are better with the butt of titanium enpunadira

  • Rockymtnboy Rockymtnboy on Feb 08, 2011

    slovenc79 -
    I had a house fire and owned both an AK47 and an AR...believe me, they both took severe damage. The AK47 barrel warped from the heat, the AR mostly just lost all the plastic.

    Let me ask you this, would YOU trust any firearm that had gone through the intense heat of a fire? Heat changes the integrity of the steel in the barrel, and most importantly, the breech where all the explosive pressures take place.

    Oh yeah, and a little piece of advice for those of you with an arsenal and "standard" home insurance...get a special rider policy that covers your weapons, anything that you have more than three of is considered a "collection", therefore needing another policy. Unfortunately, I had to learn that little lesson the hard way.