Bullpup M14: "M4 Size, M14 power"

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

I read about Short Rifle Stock Systems (SRSS) new M14/M1A bullpup stock, the BullDog 762, at Defense Review. I suppose the designers said to themselves “just about about everything has a bullpup conversion, why not the M14?”

The stock comes in a synthetic model (SRSS-1421SM, $749) and an aluminum model (SRSS-1421BA, $999) and is available in Black, Olive Drab, Tan and Aluminum finish.

From the FAQ:

What does the SRSS kit consist of?

The SRSS stock system comes with main beam (stock) panels = Cheek rest and right panel, optics rail and all hardware, allen wrenches to mount scope rail which replaces the M14 /M1A hand guard. Simple tools like a screwdriver is all you need to install your M1A or the M-14 into the SRSS. OPTICS are not included. See our site for Optics available.

Do I need to machine any part of my rifle?

No. You will need to remove the hand guard and install the optics rail and you will need to remove the rear sight assembly, just hang on to it you may want to put it all back together or leave the SRSS together and build another M1A.

Can you describe the trigger action ? I understand that one of the weakness of bullpup stocks is their softness or lack of tactile feedback of the trigger when pulled.

Our trigger was designed to eliminate all the problems that bullpup’s have. The trigger/transfer rod is submerged in the stock and to some degree floats and is carried by the rear/original trigger. The safety is just above the pistol grip for your right hand and can be turned off and on by the right thumb. Our trigger rod adds 1/2 pound to whatever your trigger pressure is on your rifle. It feels like your original two stage trigger.

Later this year or next year SRSS will be offering this stock system for other rifles. My guess is that a Mini-14 model will be offered.

Fitted with the SRSS Mini Paladin Muzzle Brake ($200)

UPDATE: Daniel E. Watters, who is very knowledgeable, points out in the comments that there have been other bullpup stocks for the M14.
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Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Michael Michael on Jan 01, 2013

    How about a bullpup stock for a FAL or G3. Or even an AR15
    Never heard of a bullpup blowing up and causing injuries

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    • John John on Jan 01, 2013

      @John Wait, sorry, the Swedish military did not actually have a bullpup version of the m/42.
      I had forgotten about this little gem, though http://world.guns.ru/userfi...
      Bullpup AR-15. I sincerely hope that rifle doesn't see much use. Looks like a tough thing to shoulder.

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  • Kevin Kevin on Jan 01, 2013

    See the SRSS BD762 in the first scene of the trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops II.