Stoeger X Series air rifles

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Benelli USA is now importing the Stoeger X Series air rifles.

The rifles come in a variety of models, finishes and scope options. They are all .177 in caliber and have a break barrel action.

X5: Scoped, hardwood, 16.5″ barrel.

The “Made in China” is prominently displayed …

They have a nice website, although a bit flash heavy, with more info.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Rob Rob on Mar 20, 2013

    Greg, the best luck I've had long term with the Chinese made air rifles is the B18/B19 platform that Crosman uses for their Vantage, Optimus, and some other names with the steel springs. I would stay away from nitro pistons for a SHTF air rifle for now. They may or may not be able to hold their pre-charge in the long run as the seals may dry out.
    If your belly is relying on it, I would skip the Chinese spring piston type air rifles and go with RWS, Air Arms, or Weihrauch. Benjamin, for now, still makes a good pump-up pneumatic type in the model 392, made in the USA. It has a good reputation for durability as well.

    • Gman Gman on Jul 24, 2014

      @Rob RWS using chinese parts now! Look it up? Have the tru glo sights and everything.

  • Thwack addict Thwack addict on Sep 02, 2013

    The only problem at all I see here is the total lack of airgun knowledge being displayed. You guys need to educate yourselves on spring powered air guns before posting these things or even shooting an air rifle for that matter. They are NOTHING like powder burners! Spring guns require the use of the "artillery hold" (look it up) if you want to achieve any accuracy at all. You're also firing a brand new gun out of the box expecting accuracy before the gun is even broken in. These guns can take up to an entire 500 count tin of pellets before they are broke in and shooting consistently. Did any of you even clean the barrel straight out the box? If you did you probably used a wire brush like a bore snake and scratched up all the rifling rendering the gun inaccurate. Air gun barrels are made of soft steel completely unlike powder guns and you should only use patches pulled through, you can't use solvents or anything petroleum based either! I could go on and on about the things you all don't know but I'll let you do the research... or not do it like you have already. Fact is I have a Stoeger X10 with an after market trigger and I can shoot paintballs at 20 yards with it consistently... then again, I know what I'm doing with it.

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    • Gman Gman on Jun 30, 2014

      @thwack addict Mister know it all springer guy, try the stoeger right out of the box at a 4x4 sheet of plywood, use a GD benchvise if you want but they are junk,barrels wont close because the pellets have to be pushed in farther.Wish I had seen made in China I got my colonoscopy at curt smith belleville,il.I use to shoot squirrels with a marlin 22 open sights 1 shot side or dead on,one shot was over 160ft, but those guns were accurate,they jammed.These springers arent powderpuffs my gamo still puts out shot after shot.No reason the stoeger should be so piss poor,ever buy a chinese wheel brg off ebay drilled off center.I've been around every kind of gun except pcp's,hope I can find a sucker for my stoeger 22.