Ruger SR9 version 1.1 (post recall edition)

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Andrew emailed me photos of his SR9 that he has just got back from Ruger. You can see external changes made.

He got a free cap and two magazines, which is not much considering they had his pistol for 97 days!

Click to expand the photos.

Andrew posted this comment on the SR9 post:

I just recieved my sr9 back from recall work, ruger had it over 3 months,
I callled over 9 times wanting it back, mine was one that failed and failed hard. I have to say 3 months was making me disaponited that i didn’t wait for the new redesigned xd, but I have to say i took out the redesigned sr9 and the trigger pull is improved and it shots like a dream, also mag release is sweet. first 200 no misfires and great hold on target as always . Next step is to get xs 24/7 to make sights for us

Thanks Andrew for your time.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Marcus Marcus on Jan 17, 2009

    I actually just bought my Ruger SR9 3 days ago from a pawn shop. It had barely been used at all, and it is mint condition. I did not know about the recall until yesterday. I took it out to the range and tried it out with some Blazer 115 gr. ammo. I had 5 jams going through two of the hi-cap mags! I don't know if it was the ammo or what, but it's safe to say I was pretty ticked about it.

    Possibly today I should be sending it back for the recall so it can be retrofitted with the new trigger safety.

  • Jacob adcock Jacob adcock on Aug 31, 2009

    five months ago i purchased two ruger semi autos from a gun dealer in tyler texas. One was the older p95 for $360 the other is the sr9 for $460 total with tax was $861 i think i got a great deal on two great guns. i carry the p95 with me almost everywhere and shoot it regularly love it can shoot great with it no jam ups or malfunctions this gun is more of a smooth shooter than the sr9. My girlfriend carries the sr9 she likes it but i sometimes wonder about her safety with it being a striker fired pistol.