Ruger SR9 version 1.1 (post recall edition)

    Andrew emailed me photos of his SR9 that he has just got back from Ruger. You can see external changes made.

    He got a free cap and two magazines, which is not much considering they had his pistol for 97 days!

    Click to expand the photos.



    Andrew posted this comment on the SR9 post:

    I just recieved my sr9 back from recall work, ruger had it over 3 months,
    I callled over 9 times wanting it back, mine was one that failed and failed hard. I have to say 3 months was making me disaponited that i didn’t wait for the new redesigned xd, but I have to say i took out the redesigned sr9 and the trigger pull is improved and it shots like a dream, also mag release is sweet. first 200 no misfires and great hold on target as always . Next step is to get xs 24/7 to make sights for us

    Thanks Andrew for your time.

    Steve Johnson

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