The Browning Hi Power for defense

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Gunner’s Journal has a very in depth post about the Hi Power pistol. Highly recommended.

Browning Hi Power Mk III

As much I as I like these handsome pistols for informal target work, small game hunting, or just knocking around in the woods, their original purpose was for “serious” matters in one area of the self-defense arena, military service. Like its Browning-born predecessor, the 1911, the single-action Hi Power’s initial reason for existence was as a military sidearm and not individual civilian self-protection. It is nice that both readily lend themselves to this, however.

Read it here.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Fenixom1911 Fenixom1911 on Apr 18, 2010


    Plz Opinion This Gun !!

    How work ???
    Better CZ 75 , SP01 SHADOW , BAD ???

    It is a pity that he only has 13 cartridge magazine
    Good idea 18 round
    13 --It very little
    I hope that they will mend it

    Plz opinion of the user !!!

    • Brian P. Brian P. on Feb 23, 2012

      @Fenixom1911 I can't even begin to guess what the first part of your comment is supposed to say. As for the magazine capacity, there are higher capacity magazines available.

  • Phil Phil on Sep 18, 2011


    When the Germans overran the FN plant they took all the Hi-Powers and stamped them with the Eagle on top of the slide. They were generally more crude than ones made by FN.
    You can contact FN here in the USA and see if they have the serial numbers going back that far.