South African dockers are refusing to unload Chinese ammo and RPGs

    If you have been following this blog you know the Chinese have been in the news recently.

    A Chinese ship carrying 3 million rounds of 7.62x39mm and 1500 RPG rounds destined for land locked Zimbabwe tried to offload in the South African port of Durban.

    Robert Mugabe’s Zanu (PF) party have been arming militias to drive out farmers and terrorize opposition supporters since the election they probably lost (but refuse to announce the results). Despite this the South African Defence Secretary approved the shipment: “This is a normal transaction between two sovereign states and we don’t have to interfere”. Not that surprising since the South African president openly supports Robert Mugabe.

    Luckily for the people of Zimbabwe the dock workers have refused to offload the cargo.

    Read the article here.

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    (and yes … I am aware this post does violate my non political rule 😉

    Steve Johnson

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