Federal Bureau Of Prisons Awards Ruger a 5-Year Contract

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Ruger will be supplying 1750 9mm Ruger KP95 pistols to the Federal Bureau Of Prisons.

Ruger P95

The press release is here.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • DaveP. DaveP. on Jan 07, 2011

    I owned a P90 for about two months. It could have been the textbook for bad ergonomic design. Not only was it actually painful to use, but every edge on the slide and other stainless-steel parts was chisel-sharp. You could have milled wood with the slide serrations and the front of the slide. The only full-size Ruger automatic that I've ever liked at all was the P345, which has such nice ergonomics and such a nice design that I actually wonder if it came from the same company.

  • Kivaari Kivaari on Aug 08, 2014

    If you can find one they are a good pistol. I just bought one for $175 including 3 15 rd. magazines. At that price I got a dependable 9mm that I wouldn't hesitate to use for defense. I normally use a Glock 17 but this gun at that price is a great "reserve" piece.