Accuracy Systems Sub MOA Mini 14

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Mini 14 rifles are infamous for their poor accuracy. Even the target model only offers 1 MOA with a barrel tuner. Accuracy Systems sell custom mini 14 rifles that shoot sub MOA.

This of course comes at a price. The “Ultra Match Premium Air Gauged Barrel (Stainless steel) Complete Package” costs $799.95. And you need to supply the rifle! On the positive side it appears you can choose a caliber:

1. 416 Stainless steel air gauged barrel
2. Barrel diameters- 1″ Bull, .875″ Varmint, .750″ medium and .625″
3. Length from 16″ to 24″
4. Twist rate to be determined by us depending on the weight & caliber of bullet. Finish on barrel satin matte or brushed.
5. 3 point steel bedding pillars
6. New operating rod where needed or upgrade yours
7. True bolt & action if needed
8. 3.5# match trigger with set and over travel if needed.
9. New over sized hand guard to fit thicker barrel
10. New gas block, sling swivel, gas pipe and operating rod cup bushing
11. Sub MOA accuracy guarantee ( 1.040″ is a MOA) Selected Ammo
12. Calibers available @ this price. .223 Rem., .222 Rem, .204 Ruger, 6mm X .223, .17 Rem. Others call for pricing.

Here are some of their other products

Guaranteed 1 MOA or better @ 100 yards. Price: $2199.95

1/2″ MOA or better @ 100 yards. Price: $1939.95

ASI Bull Pup Carbine Standard Model. Price: $1617.00

ASI Accurized Mini 14 Urban Brawler.

Here is a video showing the recoil reduction system (muzzle break):

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Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Don Owens Don Owens on Jan 29, 2012

    I keep wondering about an Accurized Mini 6.8 or .450 Bushmaster. I believe either one would make a fine 300 yard deer rifle and can you picture a SWAT team shooting .450 Bushmaster in an urban rescue setting.

  • Water boy Water boy on Apr 26, 2012

    Why the double fires in the video? Are ther any legal problems with this?