Beautiful short barrel shotgun

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Steve over at posted photos of his side by side 12 guage SBS.

Started out as a project last fall. Bought a Remington Spartan Gun Works side by side 12ga w/external hammers (love those). Posted here about who was good for converting as an SBS. Got an e-mail from Chuck Smyder at LRM in Florida. We discussed what I’d liek to have done and sent it to him. In the mean time I got the idea to have the side plates and trigger guard color case hardened, sooooooo I found a guy in Montana who uses cyanide instead of charcoal (side plates too thin for charcoals heat). Had Chuck send him the parts.

While that was being done, Chuck shortened the barrels, filled in the void in between, installed the oversize ivory bead and applied a beautiful job of molycoating to the metal. This is what I’m getting back…..

Wow! This shotgun is amazing. Click to expand the images.

More info here.

Hat Tip: Says Uncle

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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