Break barrel semi auto shotgun: the new Beretta UGB25 Xcel

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Beretta have launched an interesting new shotgun, a break barrel semi automatic. Build for competition it only holds, unless I am mistaken, two rounds in a 1+1 configuration: one in the chamber, one in the side cartridge carrier.

Both rounds can both be seen when the barrel is broken.

This gives it many advantages over traditional double barrel shotguns:

  • decreased recoil of the semi auto action
  • a low set barrel which helps decrease muzzle jump
  • the same point of impact for both rounds as each is fired out of the same barrel.

It also maintains the safety aspect of a double barreled shotgun. When it is broken it cannot be fired and both the magazine (side cartridge carrier) and chamber can be inspected.


Gauge: 12
Cartridge Chamber: 2 ¾ in. (70 mm)
Operation: semiautomatic, with break-open barrel, short recoil
Locking System: elevated locking block
Receiver: light alloy
Barrel: three-alloy steel, fully chromed inside, Optima-Bore® profile
Rib: ventilated, removable
Safety: button-operated, on trigger guard; reversible for left-handed shooter
Weight*: 8.1-9.0 lbs (3.5-4.1 Kg)

It is currently available as a 30″ trap model. A sporting model in various lengths will be available in the future.

More info at here.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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