Taser just sold 3000 units to undisclosed country. My guess: Australia

    Taser recently announced a deal to sell 3000 M26 Tasers, an older model, to an undisclosed country. After a 30 second google search I guess it is Australia.

    From CourierMail (dated January 29 2008):

    POLICE will not say how many Tasers will be issued across the state after Police Minister Judy Spence brokered a deal with the controversial police union to provide one to every front-line officer.

    I say three thousand. I don’t know they bother hiding these details in the information age.

    According to the Motley Fool Taser increased is value on the stockmarket by $43 million on this deal which is worth only 1.2 million. The market sure likes Taser.

    Picture 13-11
    The older M26 model

    Steve Johnson

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