Keltec PLR-22 & SU-22

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Keltec had released a new .22 pistol and rifle which will go on sale later this year.

The PLR-22 is based on the .223 PL-16 pistol and share many of the same parts.

Barrel Length: 10.1″
Magazine: 27 rounds!

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They are also releasing the SU-22 rifle based on the SU-16.

Barrel Length: 16.1″
Magazine: 27 rounds

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Mike Mike on Nov 15, 2009

    Will the plr 22 pistol grip fit the plr 16 rifle? do they make a 22 conversion kit for the plr 16?

  • Billy Billy on Oct 05, 2010

    I am unsure of conversion kits, but the SU-22 Pistol grip w/t collapsible AR Stock is the exact same mechanism for the SU-16. The SU-16 and 22 are mostly interchangeable in parts.

    Google the Kel-Tec website. You can inquire to them as of specifics. That's what you should do anyway, because any of us random people could feed u a load and you spend your money on wrong info.