Solving the squirrel on the roof problem

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

There is an interesting discussion over at rec.guns about the best way to deal with a squirrel chewing on the roof. It is worth a read.

“Pumper Hinkle” sums up the options:

Hmmm. I understand your problem better now. For the squirrel to be
chewing on your roof, though, he must be sitting still for at least a
little bit.

I believe that if it were happening to me, I’d get a night vision scope for
the bolt-action .22 and sight it in using BB caps. I’d then set up a
sniper position and be patient. Once it stands still, bang.

Or, well, you could get a .410 shotgun and some light loads, and figguring
on patching the roof maybe.

Or, I believe you can fire .45 colt cartridges in a .410 shotgun, and I
believe you can get .45 snake loads.

As you’ve observed, the .22 snakeloads don’t cycle in autos, and the rifling
disperses the shot too much. I believe I once heard of a smoothbore .22,
which would give better range.

But I assume you don’t want to buy another gun, especially some sort of
specialty gun. So, back to first suggestion, night vision scope on the

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Matt in AZ Matt in AZ on Apr 06, 2011

    I'm with Fuzzy on this. I use a Benjamin 392 that shoots a 14.3 gr .22 cal pellet at 600 fps, not the flattest shooting, but cottontails out to 45 yards or so are asking for it. I would think that if someone was looking for an excuse to buy a really nice air rifle, then rodents destroying your dwelling is a great one. I should point out that I shoot my pellet guns much more than all of my "real" guns. Three or four days a week I feel the need to ventilate a tin can or two and find it is the most time/cost effective way for me to get trigger time.

  • Taniyah Woolridge Taniyah Woolridge on Jan 29, 2012

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