Kalashnikov cashes in on his famous name!

    It looks like Kalashnikov is finally making some money from the firearms industry!

    GSG, makers of the GSG-5 .22 MP5 clone, are naming a sporting rifle after General Kalashnikov.

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    From GSG (translated using google translator from German)

    The sports and leisure with the calibre weapon “(Point) 22 LR” is currently in an advanced stage of development and will soon market gain.

    The design and the technical features of the new weapon was the engineer from Russia after thorough inspection its approval.

    From Die Zeit (again translated from google):
     Bilder 2008 03 International Kalashnikov-Gsg Kalashnikov-Gsg-Artikel

    The inventor Mikhail Kalashnikov weapons with his new business partners from the firm GSG Sauerländer

    I will never again cooperate with a company that also manufactures weapons of war,” proclaims chosen the man who practically a synonym for mass shooting and killing has developed.

    Apparently he also lends his name to knives and umbrellas!

    Hat Tip: treelogger

    Steve Johnson

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