Afghan army gets Canadian C7 rifles

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

It seems the Afghans are moving to the AR platform, along with the Georgians.

After a frustratingly long three-year wait, the fledging Afghan National Army finally has a new weapon in its arsenal: the Canadian C7 rifle.

Some 42 boxes of surplus weapons arrived at the ANA base just up the road from Kandahar Airfield last week, Brig.-Gen. Gul Aqa said Wednesday in an interview with The Canadian Press. And training is already underway. Aimed at replacing the Afghan army’s old Soviet-era AK-47s in order to bring the force’s fire power capabilities in line with that of NATO countries, the Canadian rifles are a welcome addition, Aqa said. “They’re very modern and new weapons and the C7 is a real necessity for the ANA,” he said through a translator. He said the AK-47s often jam, leaving soldiers vulnerable to enemy fire. “It’s the difference between old and new.”

It’s a project that’s been in the works for several years.

The C7 rifle

Hat Tip: The Western Star

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • We have AR StraightJacket barrel kits that can be changed out in minutes. For the AK-47 we need the entire weapon to modify at our Teludyne facility. We modified the Romak III Sniper which cut the grouping in half with double the rounds. Here is some additional data. We modified a .308 patrol rifle and a .300 win mag model 700, we shot 40 rounds our grouping averaged 1.5 at 100 yards. We were at the FN Manufacturing range - it literally turned heads. We have gun-after-gun with the same, if not better results. If any questions feel free to call me at 864-334-5300.

  • David David on Jan 18, 2012


    It looks like the carry handle/sight might be detachable, so it could really be an A1 model