UK Supplied Saddam's army's uniforms

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

According to the BBC in 1976 the UK supplied Saddam with army uniforms, arms and even training for six officers at thier elite military academy Sandhurst!

The documents show that, in 1976 and 1977, a variety of equipment was sold to Iraq, including 20 Cymbeline mortar-locating radar – at a cost of £11m – combat support boats, and £7.4m of weapons effects simulators.

Big contracts for Dennis fire fighting-vehicles and fuel tankers were also secured.

And incredibly, Iraq paid Britain £500,000 to train Iraqi pilots.

The papers also suggest that, in 1977, six Iraqi soldiers were trained at Sandhurst, where Princes William and Harry subsequently underwent their military training.

“Steady sales” of “a wide range of smaller items” were also recorded including billiard tables.

Even more bizarrely, the regime purchased army shirts to the value of £830,000, meaning that the Iraqi army were wearing uniforms made in the UK.

Of course, the UK government at the time was just like every other short sighted government supplying arms without thinking of the long term consequences.

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Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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