Winchester Super X3 Flanigun Exhibition/Sporting

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

This is a very cool looking shotgun 🙂

I love the red receiver 🙂

Pictured here is a duplicate of the Super X3 shotgun that Patrick Flanigan shoots. Only his magazine tube has been modified to hold more shells. In timing Patrick’s ability to fire 12 shots, he was clocked at cycling all dozen shells in 1.442 seconds – the fastest ever recorded. Everything about the Super X3 is designed for speed and performance. Faster follow-up shots can be made because of the reduced felt recoil. The Active Valve system allocates gases in a clean, precise manner. The gun is light and responsive.

The barrel’s .742″ Back-Bored Technology works with the Invector-Plusâ„¢ choke tube system to provide consistent, dense patterns. The Dura-Touch® Armor Coating keeps the stock from slipping in your hands. The stock is adjustable for a custom fit to your shooting style and body type, thus maximizing overall efficiency of fit, balance and swing.

Now, Patrick’s incredible Super X3 autoloader can be yours, just like the one he uses to break world records (with a standard magazine tube). It is fully configured for exhibition or sporting use, including an additional gas piston to allow the use of a full range of factory loads from the lightest 1 oz. target loads to heavy 3″ magnums if desired, all with clockwork reliability.


Gauge: 12
Barrel Length: 28″
Weight: 7 lbs. 4 oz.
Retail: $1,349

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Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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