Winchester Model 70 Super Grade

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Back from the dead and looking as good as ever!

From Botswana to the Brooks Range, no other rifle has traveled so extensively in search of big game or is held in such high esteem as the bolt-action Model 70. Foremost in the series is the elegant Super Grade. You feel a surge of pride as you slide it from the rack. The warm grain and figure of the fancy grade walnut stock complement the contrasting black fore-end tip and pistol grip cap. The sleek lines of the sculpted shadowline cheekpiece flow across the stock. A blued steel stock crossbolt is tastefully engraved, adding both strength and elegance, while inletted blued steel swivel studs grace the underside of the stock. A tasteful black Pachmayr® Decelerator® pad helps soften felt recoil. The cold hammer-forged steel barrel is free floating for enhanced accuracy.

The new M.O.A. Trigger System puts the Super Grade under your total control. With no take up, no creep and no overtravel, it’s the finest trigger ever offered and will immediately help you realize the true 1 MOA accuracy potential of your Model 70 Super Grade. When you’re ready for super accuracy combined with super elegance, you’re ready for the Model 70 Super Grade.


Caliber: 30-06 / 338 Win Mag
Barrel Length: 24″ / 26″
Weight: 8 lbs / 8 lbs 4 oz (not a light rifle)

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Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Cosmo Cosmo on Oct 18, 2008

    Did you hear about the Sporter Deluxe or the Extreme Weather SS? Hunting season for me starts on 15 November, and I've really been holding out for the new model 70. Thanks for any additional response.

    • Darcy Potter Darcy Potter on Mar 08, 2013

      @Cosmo hope you got your model 70 you wont regret going with winchester

  • Darcy Potter Darcy Potter on Mar 07, 2013

    i just bought a modle 70 super grade in 30-06 and am very happy .mounted a zeiss 3-9x40 conquest on it and with federal 165gr vital shock triple shock barnes it will shot a 3 shot 100yard group off the bench of 5/8" if i do my part very happy with the rifle.i owne many rifles and a few customes and this rifle can stand with pride with any of them looks great shoots better, and yes i will hunt with it. I live in north Alberta Canada and hunt elk moos deer and bear and make a trip to Yukon every year to hunt there with a bud now i am looking at a 270 in super grade there are 7 cal in the line up i may just have to take one of each . And for the ppl out there who want to know i do have a pre 64 in super grade 30-06 and this 2012 super grade is a better rifle , less slop of the bolt better fit and finish better trigger better safty better recoil pad ,the pre 64 does not have one for the $1,200.oo+ I paid for it i think of it as a deal. All in price with sling scope case im in for 2 grand plus worth every penny . The pre 64 can sit now it is worth to much as it is over 90% condition and i like the new one better. Oh for anyone who thinks this guy does not know rifles i guide for a liveing have done so for 35 years and have 64 rifles in my collection Jack would love this rifle and he would think of it as a upgrade