Remington Model 597 TVP

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Remington have a new model 597 varmint rifle.

Because our Model 597 action is the ultimate in feeding reliability (Editor: not what I have read) and out-of-the-box accuracy, it was only natural we develop the Model 597â„¢ TVPâ„¢ (Target-Varmint Plinker) to take full advantage of the superior design.

Truly the ultimate 22 target-rifle platform, this tack-driver features a 20″ stainless heavy barrel and a rugged laminated thumbhole stock that’s contoured to accommodate right- and left-handed shooters with equal comfort. The impeccable balance of our new stock design will shine the first time you try an offhand shot. Trust us, one squeeze of the trigger and you’ll be a believer. Its receiver is equipped with a factory-mounted scope rail so you can add optics and be ready to shoot in a flash.

Bolt-guidance system features twin, tool-steel guide rails

Offered in laminated wood stock

Non-glare matte finish

Patented, 10-shot metal detachable magazine, 8-shot for magnum

Last-shot hold-open bolt for added safety

Scope rail

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Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Eagle Feather Eagle Feather on Jun 23, 2012

    I bought a 597 VTR .22 LR about a year ago, and put a green dot laser on it. My wife and I love to shoot it, but we had the same issue with a cross fed round not seating in the chamber and still firing, blowing out the extractor and bolt handle, same as Carroll and Adam. Fortunate that no one was to my right when it went off. Sent it back and the factory and they polished the ramp leading up to the chamber, repaired the extractor, and the problem has not re-appeared. The last time out, though, the trigger return spring broke, rendering the thing useless for anything other than a club. When i pulled the trigger assembly, I was appalled to see that the trigger return spring and the spring on the mechanism to hold the bolt open are both less substantial than a ball point pen spring. I guess I'm going to have to keep a spare assembly on the shelf. Haven't had any issues with the Remington 30 shot mags - have six of them and keep them loaded all the time.

  • Carl Carl on Nov 21, 2012

    All of the above comments are valid. Accuracy: A+, feeding problems: absolutely. Build quality and design of small parts: Worst ever seen in modern firearm manufacture from a "previously" major company.

    With all that being said, there are four things that must be done that are vital to have the gun function properly.

    1. loosen the guide rod hold in screws to "seated and then back out 1/4 turn". You can lock tight them but it is really unnecessary as the stock will stop them from falling out. This is usually the major cause for mis feeding and failure to feed and eject (more on this in the other two items). How the manufacturer of this design would ship a firearm with these over tightened is a mystery, but most are shipped with these screws tightened to the point where the rods are no longer straight and the bolt either hangs up or rides too high above the mag to pick up the next round.

    2. Polish the guide rods and corresponding wear areas on the bolt and where the bolt pushes the hammer down. Dry lubricant on these surfaces will help insure near flawless cycling.

    3. Replace the hammer with a VQ (Volquartsen) hammer and replace the extractor with a VQ item. The standard trigger with no mods is so heavy that attempting to shoot the gun without support results in missed targets. I resisted replacing mine and polished and cleaned but the pull weight was still ridiculously high. Once replaced, the pull is perfect for off hand shooting. The extractor replacement is for two reasons. The original works ok until it wears slightly and then will not grab the case properly. In addition, the way it slides into the chamber notch is rough and sometimes hangs up on the way in creating the "explosion scenario" listed in the other posts. Proper cleaning every few hundred rounds keeps this from being an issue, but the poorly manufactured shape of the item is really why it hangs up.

    4. Take the factory 10 (really 8 usable) round mag apart and lightly polish or sand with 600grit sand paper the follower and the notch that it rides in and then lube with a dry lube. You can get 10 rounds in it but typically, it will mis feed the 2nd round no matter what you do.

    Cleanliness is important in any semi auto but with the above mods, you can let it get really cruddy before any problems would show up. The last round hold open spring is really just a low quality piece of wire that easily gets fatigued and will fail almost immediately. (you can re-bend it and it will be fine) In addition, the pin that holds it into the trigger group is just pressed fit into plastic and the hole gets too big after just one or two removals. Fortunately, the stock reliably holds this is place if you are careful when inserting the trigger group back into the gun after cleaning. If you shoot Remington bulk ammo (golden bullets) NOT RECOMMENDED with very poor accuracy not to mention a FTF every 50 rounds or so, clean the gun after you use it. The crap that will build up on the face of the bolt an the face of the chamber will keep the bolt from seating. Again, an explosive issue could occur. Mine seems to function best with standard velocity CCI's for absolutely deadly accuracy for paper. For hunting, the CCI mini mags seem to be the best.

    I have had mine for the last three years an it now functions flawlessly. I am looking to buy another one for my son. I will never buy a new one due to the above issues but for a low price used and after rebuilding it you cannot beat it for value and accuracy. I am saddened by Remington's lack of quality like everyone else. It is stunning how such a large company could produce such a piece of crap and still remain in business.

    • Futo Buddy Futo Buddy on Apr 18, 2013

      @Carl i just got one of these and i am looking to polish the guide rods and the depot i got a 3 peice hard metel cleaning compound set. it has emery, stainless steel, and white rouge polishing compounds. are any of these appropriete?