Remington AccuTip Bonded Sabot Slug

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Remington have announced a very cool looking new sabot slug called the “AccuTip Bonded Sabot Slug”

Looks cool doesn’t it?

It doesn’t just look intimidating, it’s flattening whitetails and competitors in the tipped-slug market with devastating ferocity. Guided by our new Power Portâ„¢ Tip, the AccuTip Bonded Sabot Slug delivers a degree of accuracy and terminal performance unmatched by any other we tested. This masterpiece of aerodynamics consistently prints tiny 100-yard groups and transfers tremendous knockdown force out to the farthest reaches of shotgun range. It’s the largest tipped slug you’ll find anywhere.

In field testing, this huge .58-caliber slug produced gaping wound channels and crumpled every deer it touched with a single shot. From 5 to 200 yards, it yields perfect mushrooms and over 95% weight retention thanks to its spiral nose cuts, bonded construction and high-strength cartridge brass jacket. With performance as revolutionary as its appearance, this is one tip sure to get stunning results. Available in 2 3/4″ or 3″ 12-gauge versions for 2008.

  • Power Portâ„¢ Tip delivers dramatically superior accuracy
  • Spiral nose cuts and proprietary bonding technology control expansion at all ranges from 5 to 200 yards
  • Huge .58-caliber slug is the largest tipped slug available today
  • Over 95% weight retention – weighs more after impact than all the others start with!
  • Slug jacket made from high-strength cartridge brass
  • Designed for use in fully-rifled barrels only


Check out these amazing photos of the sabot being fired

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Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Gremlinsrus Gremlinsrus on Dec 29, 2011

    Ok, well I ended up here looking for the ballistics Coefficient for the accutip sabot slugs. I will say that i have been shooting Hornady sst's out of my H&R rifled barrel 12 ga and getting 1-2" groupings at 100 yds consistently. I was looking for the managed recoil copper solids, as the sst's kick like a mule, but no one seems to carry the managed recoil sabots I bought 2 boxes of accutips (and yes, they were on sale 15% off at dick's costing 12$ a box). The stopping power for the accutips seems to be higher at 200 yds, around 1100 lb/sq in, and the muzzle speed is 150 fps less than the hornady's which should translate to lower recoil. I am putting these slugs to the test tomorrow. in the mean time, I believe the accutips are 3.6 in high at 100 yds and 0.0 at 150 but drop 9.1 at 200.. i don't see making 300 yd shots with any level of confidence.. but i could be wrong.

  • R1flman R1flman on Sep 01, 2012

    i shoot a remington 870 with a 23 inch cantiliever barrel i planning to shoot the 3 inch accutips thru it ,i need to get a scope and was looking at the nikon slughunter 3-9-40 scope ,does anybody have any info if these slugs will match the bdc circles on the scope?they say sight the scope in at 50 yrds and it will match aiming points out to 200 yds,i know that the remmys worked supurb out of my rifle sighted barrel.385 grains and 1900 fps are deer destroyers ,i only want to use these slugs and want to make sure the scope will work with these before i spen 229.00 on it..any info will greatly be appriated..

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    • R1flman R1flman on Oct 22, 2012

      @bob kay thank you for the info ,it was very helpfull and congradulations on that fine buck you described..what a monster...i will be looking at getting the bushnell scope ,thanks again and happy hunting....