Cops set up Tattoo parlor to bust illegal gun smuggling

    Walking into the Colur Tyme Tattoo Parlor is a lot like walking into a head shop. One wall is lined with gang monikers and symbols, the other with bongs for smoking marijuana and other drugs — one even shaped like a skull

    Only this head shop was a setup. It was a police front in a sting operation to bust gangs in this Georgia river city that most people associate with the Masters Tournament — not violent thugs with high-powered weapons….

    Sixty-eight suspects were arrested on charges ranging from trafficking of illegal weapons to serious drug offenses. Authorities seized more than 300 weapons, including high-powered assault rifles.

    From CNN.

    ha! They say “high-powered assault rifles” then show a photo of a bunch of .22’s!

    Look at the below photo of some of the confiscated firearms.


    I see a Ruger 10/22, a Savage .22, a Marlin .22 (?).

    Some more photos from the ATF.
    111407Aug Inkphoto
    111407Aug Inkphoto-Guns

    Steve Johnson

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