Remington Model 798 Safari Grade

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

The Gun Nut reviews the Remington Model 798 Safari Grade

Lurking, almost unsung in the Remington 08 lineup, is an absolutely terrific rifle called the Model 798 Safari Grade. It is a true, long-action, all-steel Model 98 Mauser stocked in laminated wood that looks like high-grade walnut. The barrel is 22 inches long, which is the proper length for a dangerous game rifle, and the front sling swivel stud is out on the barrel where it won’t gouge your hand. The price is $1,119 for a .375 H&H, and $1,189 for a .458.

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Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Steve Steve on Jan 05, 2008

    Val, thanks for that info.

  • Stuart Falkner Stuart Falkner on Mar 19, 2010

    The remington 798 in 375 H&H is not a true long action but a much modified and weakened standard action. The lower locking lug abutment is cut almost completely away to make room for the long cartridge to exit the extended magazine box. There is hardly a 1/4" of metal left behind the lower bolt lug and that is further cut by a feed ramp. If you handle the rifle with the bolt out or retracted the follower will jump out of the magazine box into the bolt run space and it takes some doing to get it back in place. You have to open the floor plate and twist the follower spring sideways to get it loose. The follower is .6" shorter than the box and is free to slide back and forth until it jumps out. Remington will not discuss it and refers you to the importer in Florida. The importer says the follower is the correct length????? It looks about right for a 308 cartridge. Do not even think about going in a dangerous place with this rifle. I am 68 and always dreamed of owning a 375 H&H but I was not prepared for this