Kimber's Advanced Tactical Rifle Kit

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson reviews Kimber’s Advanced Tactical Rifle Kit

As neat as the kit is, though, if the rifle isn’t good it’s just window dressing. Kimber’s Advanced Tactical Rifle is chambered for the .308 round, the standard for law enforcement and many military applications. Probably the first thing most shooters will notice with the Advanced Tactical is the McMillan A-5 stock in desert camo. It is very striking in appearance, but it also incorporates a lot of really useful tactical features.

For example, it incorporates five sling swivel studs, one of which is only for bipod attachment. The others, however, offer the ability to attach a sling in various positions using quick detach swivel connectors. Since the rifle weighs close to 10 lbs without scope and bipod, a good sling is a necessity.

The choice of attachment points allows a tactical marksman to tighten up to use the sling for shooting from the seated or kneeling position or even from off hand but or have the option for switching attachment points for ease of carry. Length of pull is adjustable through removal or addition of spacers beneath the recoil pad. Drop at heel and drop at comb are adjustable as well. I also like the flat on the forearm which allows use of a sand bag or other rest.

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Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Pathfinder Rob Pathfinder Rob on Nov 13, 2011

    Very nice fire-stick indeed!

    It reminds me of Prairie Gun Works (PGW) (
    who have both their tactical rifle (Coyote) in 7.62mm standard, plus their .338 Lapua Magnum (Timberwolf) in the same desert camo pattern. Their website has some really good close-up photo's, so you can see the detail. I think Kimber is less expensive though.

    Again, all very/very nice guns!

    Cheers From Canada!
    Pathfinder Rob
    (former 3 PPCLI)