How to overcome the fear of guns (and what not to do)

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

A clueless kid asks how he can overcome his fear of guns. He asks ‘What if I mess around with it?’ … I shudder at the thought!!!

Maybe your wife/husband/girlfried/boyfriend or just a friend also has a fear of guns. If so check out this thread @ Yahoo Answers.

If you are reading this and you have not yet fired a gun and would like to I highly recommend a training course for beginners. It is worth every dollar.

Read this is you are in the US and looking for a course.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Josh J Josh J on Apr 18, 2009

    this is a touchy subject, I like to fiddle around with my guns but as a gunsmith it is considered tinkering by most.
    to familiarize and gain knowledge read manual follow all safety rules, make sure the mother isn't loaded!
    if confident go over the cleared weapon, as with anything experience is the best way to go.
    after you are acclimated and if you are old enough to go get some ammo and burn a couple of rounds thru it.
    the only reason a gun should cause fear to you is misuse.
    the best way to avoid misuse is to follow the rules of gun safety to recite them , it will feel a bit like 1st grade again but a respect must be attained for the gun.
    if this fails find an old gunsmith and have him run you thru it, but beware a lot of them a bit gruff.

    P.S. don't feel bad I was taken back by guns to my dad taught me "he was army infantryman" how to fire a rifle my first was a 8mm jap ww2.
    I was about 14 it beat the crap out of me but I learned, graduated to 308, then 3006"still my personal fave"
    300 win mag got my first idiot cut, to much eye relief for my glasses, I did hit the target a 100+ yds.
    I currently carry a 444p marlin with super mag loads for grizzly, fear is all in your head guns are a tool no more or less.
    I actually taught my self how to should handguns by reading a manual, so read ask questions then try be safe and learn.
    Good Luck

  • A fear of guns is a good thing in children that have not had the proper training. Fear should then be replaced with the respect that comes with proper training.

    The problem with children and guns today is that adults have an unhealthy fear of guns and they get into a hands off mentality. This evokes the kind of curiosity in a child that can lead to tragedy. I find it interesting that the questioner in Yahoo Answers was obviously allowed to participate in a violent fantasy but is restricted in reality. Hands off can also be applied to parenting.

    I thank God that my father took the time to show a couple of young boys the respect and proper handling of guns. I now live in the real world, safely, without fear. Fear is the key word here because fear is what is being handed down to the next generation. Guns are just an example of the problem, but that's another subject. The answer that young man got in Yahoo was right on the money. The truth about guns will eliminate the fear.