How much ammo is enough?

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Jovian Thunderbolt’s take on the subject:

1800 rounds isn’t even gun-nut categories yet. I gotta work harder at this.

If the world as I knew it, does end, I’m going to wish I had 18,000 rounds or more.

Ooo, definitions. That last scenarios has an abbreviations, for those unfamiliar with survivalist nomenclature. The End of the World as I Know It = TEOTWAIKI. That’s when the Asteroid hits and the gov’t falls, or the Zombie outbreak is out of control, or a plague kills 50% of the population.

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From Armed Canadian:

All I have to say is: “Stock up, you’re low.”.

Much to the chagrin of my girlfriend, I do operate in the “Gun Nut” plane when it comes to ammo.

The rule of thumb is 200 rounds per caliber you shoot. I break that rule and the whole hand it is attached to.

1000 rounds per caliber is more to my liking. It really depends on what you shoot. This is where owning a mixture of firearms helps. Milsurps are nice because their ammo tends to be cheap when it is readily available. When it is, stock up! Ammo keeps nicely. Decades or more if in a sealed can.

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Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Jovian Thunder Jovian Thunder on Oct 13, 2007

    Yes, apparently, I need more.

  • Survival Bill Survival Bill on May 20, 2008

    You can never have enough ammo its an ongoing thing along with the rest of your preps.

    just keep at it and hope that when TSHTF that you have enough preps to keep going until things ether get back to some kind of what you can call normal or until you learn how to live with your surroundings and become a hunter gatherer again and able to grow self sustaining crops and animals year to year...

    things usually get better with every rebirth of society's in the past and hope it will do so in the future also...

    check out the site at Survival Bills lots of info and discussion on this kind of stuff