Review of Savage 93R17 BTVS .17 HMR

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

From Shooting Times (UK):

I have always been a sucker for a good thumbhole stock and enjoy using the smaller calibre rifles for their ease of shooting, light recoil and level of performance that is more than sufficient for an evening’s rabbit foray.

The .17 HMR fills many requirements in this area and the new offering from stalwart Savage Arms ticks all the boxes regarding looks and performance. The Savage name has always stood for good quality at a fair price, but some models had that utilitarian look which wasn’t as appealling.

Not so with the new 93R17 model – you can see the pedigree yet appreciate the refinements, giving the shooter the complete package.

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Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Keith Keith on Mar 09, 2009

    The groups I'm getting from this rifle are amazing. I shoot competivly in smallbore and service high power. I bought the rifle hoping for half MOA accuracy. I figured for the price I'd be lucky to get that. The first time I shot the rifle all holes in two round groups fired to sight in the rifle were touching. I think i might have had one group that was an eight of an inch between the holes. I was shooting in the breaks of a 20-30mph cross wind and also getting used to the trigger. The only thing I wish i could change on the rifle is the trigger. I like a very light trigger with no creep at all. The double trigger safety makes this impossible but its still a good trigger for the price. Also there's a loose fit for the magazine which sometimes doesn't load a round. Overall its a beautiful rifle with superb quarter to one third inch accuracy at a hundred yards. If your gona get one look at a few of them first till you find a darker wood stock.

    • Steve Steve on Mar 09, 2009

      @Keith Keith, do you mean the accutrigger blade? It is not really part of the trigger. Don't think of it as engaging the trigger. You only touch the trigger when you touch the trigger blade.

  • Steven J. Steven J. on Feb 21, 2013

    I saw 93r and 17hmr and imediately thought of beretta's pistol being chambered in that caliber