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Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

I was not aware that Microsoft employees had their own gun club until SayUncle pointed it out in a comment on his blog!

Apparently they are quite active. In 2000 they donated at least $100,000 to the NRA. Microsoft matched the employee contribution.

From The NRA Foundation:

The Microsoft Gun Club Endowment in 2000 through individual contributions from members of the Microsoft Gun Club. This endowment was established to support training programs for young shooters. Club members’ gifts to this endowment are matched dollar for dollar by the Microsoft Corporation.

The founder and Chairman (soon to be ex-Chairman) Bill Gates is apparently anti-gun and pro gun control!

From ‘ Is Bill Gates a closet liberal?‘ :

In 1997, Bill Gates contributed $35,000 in support of a Washington state ballot initiative supporting gun control.

It should be noted that it is Microsoft policy to match donations made by employees to charities. From

Charitable donations are matched by Microsoft, up to $12,000 per year.

A club member wearing the club t-shirt:

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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